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All in the Circle Creative Arts and Nature Camp is carefully designed to give children the opportunity to fall in love with the earth and to be co-creators of a culture of kindness. All in the Circle is co-directed by AJ & Erin Pratt and delivered in partnership with Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light.

Informed by the wisdom, teachings and experience of educators, spiritual leaders, and developmental psychologists, children gain the skills and “know-how” to live peacefully with each other and the natural world. Camp nurtures the development of children, youth, and adults giving them the skills, competencies, and practice of bringing their gifts to make this world just, sustainable, and kind!

The last seven years we have held eight camps inviting children and youth to explore using their hearts, senses, and the support of their fellow campers. Each year is centered around a theme; we’ve explored the gifts and mysteries of water, the night, wild horses, wolf families and the winged ones.

All in the Circle was created by AJ Pratt out of her vision for a world where children are supported and empowered to live with authenticity and kindness, and bring their gifts fully to addressing our world’s most pressing problems, particularly climate change. All in the Circle is co-directed by Erin Pratt, and is delivered in partnership with Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light

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